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Gym Etiquette and Rules

  • Arrive on time and ready to learn.

  • The student's body, clothing, and gear are kept clean.

  • All nails are trimmed and clean.

  • Student's will refrain from training if they have or suspect they have any communicable skin conditions icluding staph, ringworm, impetigo, etc. Speak to coach Gabe immediately if you suspect you have any type of skin infection. 

  • No shoes on the mats.

  • Shoes are to be worn whenever not on the mats.

  • Shoes MUST be worn into bathrooms.

  • Take care of your training partners.

  • Be aware of other groups when sparring/rolling. Make way for higher rank.

  • Pack in/pack out. All gear and clothing leave with you when you leave the facility. We are not responsible for any items left at the facility.

  • All trash: water bottles, bandaid wrappers, finger tape, etc is to be disposed of into a trash receptacle. Please respect your gym, coaches and training partners by keeping the faciltiy clean. Pick up after yourself.

  • For families who train: children may stay after their class if their parents class is afterwards. Please make sure your children know not to run around the facility or be disruptive in any way. Please provide them with a book, tablet, or other activity to occupy themselves while you train. 


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