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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience?

No, most students have zero experience in any martial art when they first walk through our door.

Will me or my child get hurt while training?

Martial arts is just like every other sport in that there is an inherent risk in training. Most of our students never have an injury when training. We pride ourselves on providing a safe training environment for all of our students.

What do I wear?

Athletic wear that is free from buttons, zippers or anything that can scratch you, your training partners, or the mats. Men please wear snug/compression underwear. Board shorts are a great option for bottoms as they are similar to fight shorts. For kickboxing you will need athletic wear as stated above that you can kick and punch comfortabley in.

What do I bring?

No gi you just need to bring yourself. Kickboxing classes you need shinguards and 16 ounce boxing gloves. It is recommended to wear a mouthpiece for all classes during live drilling and sparring but it is not required.

What does training cost?

Cost of training will depend on who is training (a child or adult), which classes are being attended and how often. We offer packages to fit evryone's schedule and budget.

How do I fast track my learning?

The best way to get good at any martial arts is to consistently show up and take class. Additionally all of our coaches offer private one on one lessons. Please speak with the front desk to purchase lessons.

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